Are you different than a temp agency?

Yes. While we can operate as a typical temp agency, our operating model is unique. We connect you with an entire network of professionals with various skill sets, so you are not limited to just one person. Our model is designed so you can access any service you need over time at an affordable price. 

How is Sourced. different?

Our entire business is focused on giving you more time, but we also care about your wallet. With us, you only pay for the hours you need and you are not locked into how you use them. Plus, all of our team members are local (unlike other virtual services), so you know you are being supported by people who know you, your business, and your success.

How Am I Billed?

Hours are calculated using a flat monthly rate, and we will work with you to determine the number of hours that feels right. Your bill will arrive on the first of every month. No surprises here!

Can I gift my hours to someone else?

Of course! We love to help others and share the gift of time. Once you purchase your hours, they are yours to use however you like - including being used as gifts! 

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Nope. Your services are provided on a monthly basis. If your situation changes, you can cancel your services with a 30-day notice.

What about my personal information?

Nothing is more important than safeguarding your confidential information. We run our company with the highest standard of integrity and hire people that hold the same values. We require all of our assistants to sign confidentiality agreements and complete background checks. As for your home and belongings, we ensure the necessary liability protection is in place. 

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