Mother-daughter duo,

Chrissy and Gabrielle,

founded Sourced. specifically to

help business owners achieve success.

For years, Chrissy and Gabrielle dreamed of owning a business together. They spent many years searching for "the right company" to invest in, but never found the perfect fit. Instead of giving up their dream, they decided to build their own. 


Not having any idea of what they wanted to do, they did know they wanted to support business owners. So, Chrissy and Gabrielle took to the streets and asked local business owners where they were underserved and what kind of support they needed. 

They built Sourced. based on their answers. 

After many months of ideation, research, development, and hiring, Sourced. opened for business. Every detail of Sourced. was specifically designed to help entrepreneurs, and make their businesses run as easily and efficiently as possible. 

To date, they have served over 100 companies. They hope to use this company to foster growth in their clients' businesses, but also use Sourced. to do "God's work" and be an actionable supporter for those in need. 

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