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5 Ways to Stay Productive During the Holidays

The holidays can be the best time of year. With all of the festivities, you’re surrounded by good food, good company, and lots of positive energy. While tis the season for joy, it can also be the be the season of stress. Having less time to focus on your work can make the pressure of finding the right gift and getting things done before holiday travel seem overwhelming.

It’s important to celebrate during this holiday season, but if you don’t want your workload to creep up behind you come January, here are some tips to stay productive:

#1: Maintain balance They say there can be too much of a good thing. We strongly encourage you to spend time celebrating with your friends and loved ones this season, but don't forget to keep checking up on your work if it’s needed. Your work is not going anywhere, but it will pile up if you turn a blind eye to it. Avoid a mess in January - don’t ignore your responsibilities or spend too much time working. Find your happy balance.

#2: Keep a list While Santa won’t accept your to-do list, you should still keep one anyway. No one said everything has to be done as you go along - so save some of it for later. If at this very moment you would rather bake holiday treats instead of responding to your email, be our guest. Do scroll through your actions and identify what you have to do. Respond to urgent requests and save the rest for later. When the cookies are out of the oven and you’re ready to tackle the work, take a couple hours to get your actions items done and (voila!) you’re all set.

By the way, Sourced. will accept any and all to-do lists Santa doesn’t want. Just saying...

#3: Prioritize Whether it’s the holiday season or the middle of March, remember to prioritize your work. Make the best use of your time by taking 5-10 minutes to prepare how you are going to tackle your action items so you can ensure the most important stuff gets completed first. This is especially important during the holidays so nothing important falls through the cracks. Do what needs to be done first, and save the rest for later. Or do it now and get a gold star for dedication.

#4: Block time off in your calendar The holiday season has an acute talent of doubling what many of us have to get done in a day. We all know how hard that is. Make sure you are organizing your hours effectively to make the best use of your precious time. You can choose to have all of your actions completed at once or scattered over your week. Whichever is your style, scheduling it into your day makes you more likely to stick to your tasks and get it all done in your allotted time.

Helpful hint: Prioritize your action items during your blocked time. You will be able to complete more to-dos in a shorter amount of time when you are focused and have limited time.

#5: Relax No one wants to be stressed and overworked during the holiday season. This is the time of year to spend quality time and reconnect with your friends and loved ones. Make sure you are getting plenty of R&R with the people who mean the most to you.

On behalf of the team here at Sourced, happy holidays.

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