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Why It's Important To Get a Full Night's Sleep, and How It Can Benefit Your Business

You’re lying in bed, trying not to peek at the clock, and tomorrow will be a really long day. Sound familiar? It’s actually not surprising that Americans’ sleep satisfaction is suffering. After all, we’re juggling work (and school) schedules, family responsibilities and of course, our daily routines …

“Sack time” success: The healthy benefits of a good night’s sleep

Being properly rested and rejuvenated actually boosts work performances. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee, contractor, supervisor or business owner. We all need to be operating at our best in the workplace -- physically, mentally and emotionally!

In a 2016 Employee Benefit News (EBN) article, more than 1,000 U.S. workers were polled about their lack of sleep. The results found that tired employees are costing businesses $63 billion annually in productivity. Additionally, the study found the following consequences:

  • 74% reported working while tired; 31% did so very often

  • 52% reported lack of focus or being easily distracted

  • 47% reported additional procrastinating

  • 38% reported being grumpy

  • 29% reported making more mistakes.

Why be wakeful in the workplace?

Our collective lack of quality sleep takes a serious toll on work performance. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), not being well-rested can reduce creativity. The abilities to retain and process information are affected, as are general brain health and function. A Harvard study found that sufficient sleep specifically helps learning and memory:

  • Our abilities to focus and learn improve.

  • We’re better able to receive and learn new information.

  • Getting enough sleep can improve our judgment, decision-making and planning abilities.

  • Being well-rested benefits mood and emotional health.

  • With proper sleep, we’re better able to avoid work-related injuries and accidents.

Beyond employment-based benefits, a good night’s sleep is crucial to vital health functions, including those for:

  • Metabolism

  • Immunity

  • Weight management

  • Muscle and tissue health and growth

  • Nervous system health and function

Clearly, good, quality sleep, night after night, promotes valuable health benefits. And when it comes to work, being rested may be one of the most powerful and effective methods to succeed. Whatever your job role or industry, there’s no substitute for sleep!


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