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5 Simple Steps To Recharge From Work Burnout

Are you constantly tired, not motivated to do your job at times or feel a sense of dread every Sunday night? This isn’t the lead up to a medicine ad, but if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, you might be suffering from work burnout. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many people take part in behaviors that lead to work burnout and don’t even realize it until it’s too late. Going forward, we can take a look at ways to prevent your exhaustion from happening in the first place, but for now, let’s dive into solutions for your current work burnout. Here are five ways to speed up your recovery from being burned out from work. #1. Figure out the cause One of the simplest ways to overcome your fatigue is to pinpoint what caused it in the first place. Once you figure that out, you can course correct and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Your burnout could be simply that you’re not sleeping enough, or maybe it’s a more complicated matter like you’re taking on too much and can’t keep your schedule straight, which leads to stress.

No one knows your work life better than you do; take a step back and look at what goes on while you’re working. If you do that, you’ll be able to spot the pain points in your day pretty easily. Problem not solved yet? That’s OK, keep reading for more details on some of these work burnout causes. #2. Get some rest! When work keeps you busy, getting enough sleep is easier said than done, right? No matter how challenging it is for you schedule-wise, getting enough sleep (at least six hours, preferably seven or eight) is one of the best ways for you to shake off your exhaustion.

Not only will more sleep help you feel better, but the energy increase will help improve your work performance, too. #3. Learn how to say, “no.” Everyone loves a team player, but there’s a big difference between being cooperative and taking on more responsibility than you can handle. If you’re feeling burned out, look at your task list. How much of it is your day-to-day workload versus additional items you took on only because you didn’t want to say, “No.”? Again, there’s nothing wrong with doing more to help your team, but you have to know your limits so you’re not taking on so much extra work that you’re completely wiped out by the end of the day or so stressed out that you can’t fall asleep at night.

You’re not doing anyone, yourself or your colleagues, any favors if you’re too tired from taking on extra work just because you couldn’t say, “No.” #4. Unplug. Along those same lines of learning to say, “No,” learn to make yourself unavailable sometimes. If you work at a job where you’re in front of a computer screen eight hours a day, that’s energy-draining enough. It’s only going to get worse if you’re on your computer, phone or tablet working when you get home, too. If your job demands that you have to do some work after you leave the office, at least set aside a few “device free” hours so you can unwind and give your eyes a break. It’s hard to recover from work burnout if you’re on call 24/7. #5. Make time for fun. Don’t hesitate to use that hard-earned vacation time! Try not to wait until you’re burned out to go on vacation either, but if you’re already at that point, there’s no better time to get away from the office. If the means and resources are available to you, try to use that time off to go somewhere or take part in an activity that you enjoy.

There’s nothing wrong with a, “stay-cation,” but if you’re out of town or doing something fun, you’ll increase the likelihood that work is nowhere near your mind. Work burnout happens to the best of us. The important thing is that we recognize it and do something about it before it gets too bad. So the next time you’re feeling burned out from work, call timeout, rest up and do what you need to in order to recharge your batteries.

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