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Why your business needs to use social media right now

When it comes to promoting your business, it’s crucial to take advantage of every marketing platform available to you. That’s because you don’t know where your target audience’s eyes and attention spend most of their time.

While some people watch TV, open their emails and physical mail, read magazines and spend a lot of time online, it’s more likely that the people you want to advertise only do a couple of those things, maybe even just one. If that’s the case and your marketing efforts aren’t diversified enough, you could be missing out on exposure to an entire audience.

When you look at your diversified marketing portfolio, don’t forget about social media. Yes, not everyone uses it, but do you want to miss out on potential customers whose main way of staying connected is social media as opposed to one of the aforementioned platforms? Of course not!

With millions of people engaged with a least one social media platform, now is the time for your company to start setting up accounts.

Not sure if you want to take the leap? Hopefully these five reasons will convince you of why social media can be such an important part of your company’s marketing efforts.

You can increase recognition for your brand.

It’s impossible for you to physically promote your business 24/7, but thanks to social media you can. Putting content on social media gets your name in front of new customers and keep you in the mind of current ones at all times of the day.

All you have to do is post something on your accounts and your followers will see it, and if they “like” or “share” your post, all of their followers are now exposed to your brand. If they “share” it, the brand recognition continues.

You can respond to your customers sooner.

If someone says something great or complains about your company, products or service on social media, you can get back to them almost immediately—much faster than if they called or filled out some sort of comments form on your site. Solving the customer issue through social media quickly works in your favor in two ways:

  1. You’ll have a happy, satisfied customer who will now be more likely to shop with you again than if you had kept them waiting a day or two for a response.

  2. That same customer could share their positive experience dealing with your business on that same social media platform, giving you good exposure and PR.

You can reach a lot of people for little or no money.

Do you have a small advertising budget? That’s OK—social media levels the playing field a bit and allows you to get the word out about your company for free if you’d like.

A tweet, post on Facebook or Instagram, a blog post on LinkedIn can be just as effective in terms of reach as an ad in a magazine or on the web if it’s shared enough times. When someone buys your product because they saw your post you made for free, that’s one heck of an ROI!

You can share company content faster.

You could have the most informative blog in the world, but there no guarantees that anyone is going to go to your company website to read it. You have to bring your content to the public, and the quickest way to do that is through social media.

Post your content on all of your social media accounts, where all of your followers will see it, read it and hopefully go to your site to check out more (and hopefully buy your product or services).

Your brand goes where your customers and prospects do.

Most social media users have their accounts on their mobile phone and tend to engage with these platforms more than they would on their computers. If you have a strong social media presence, people will see your posts, even on the go.

How is that for omnipresence?

There’s a lot of noise and traffic in the advertising and marketing spectrums. To stand out, you’ll need to be anywhere people are looking.

If social media isn’t currently in your marketing arsenal, start creating accounts now. It’s an inexpensive and fast way to put your brand on display—and gain customers, which will be certainly good for your bottom line.

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