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5 practices to maximize your social media marketing efforts

So you’ve made the decision to use social media as part of your business’ marketing campaign. That’s great! Social media is a fast, efficient way to reach out to your followers, customers and prospects all at once.

It’s one thing to use social media for marketing, but it’s another to use it effectively. Anyone can slap a post on Facebook or Twitter and call it a day, but then what? How will you make that post to work for your business?

If you’re going to take the time out to come up with a social media campaign, make sure it’s worth the effort. Here are five of the best practices to make the most out of your social media marketing channels:

Make sure your social media profiles are yours.

You don’t know which social media platforms your audience uses, so it’s wise to be on several. With that in mind, keep the look consistent across all of your profiles so there’s no doubt that the page belongs to your company. That means including your company logo, tagline, description of your company and any graphics that can be immediately tied to your business.

Diversify your audience to ensure desired traffic.

You’ll welcome any kind of traffic to your company site, but what you really want is quality traffic. That comes from unique visitors and views of your site. For example, 6,000 different people checking out your site beats 60,000 repeated views from a small group of people.

To get quality traffic to your site, get strong, shareable content on your social media pages that will appeal to a broad audience. You’ll get more people to your site in general, but you’ll also increase the number of unique visitors, which is what you’re looking for, especially in terms of improving your search rankings.

Recognize how social media platforms can be used differently.

It would be easy just to create a post and put it on very social media site that you use. To effectively use social media though, it’s important to cater your content to each channel.

For example, Facebook posts are great for building brand awareness and to drive traffic to your company’s site as they’ll stand out in followers’ feeds, but not the best platform for customer service. Meanwhile, a similar post could work on Twitter, but Twitter’s an even better platform to start conversations and to help solve customers’ issues or answer their questions in real time.

Keep your content fresh.

Social media isn’t a “set it and forget it” operation. The longer you leave a post on your page, the less effective it becomes. That’s especially bad news for a paid or sponsored post because as that piece of paid content becomes less effective, your return on investment (ROI) decreases, too.

Instead, create multiple versions of your advertisement or post so you can continually rotate them in and out. This strategy will keep your content fresher and help lift your overall number of impressions and increase your engagement figures.

Don’t just post; interact with your audience.

Speaking of engagement, it works both ways on social media. Let your followers know you’re invested in what they have to say, too. You can do this by responding to someone who mentions your company on Twitter, or you could “share” or “like” a Facebook follower’s post about your company.

Doing this isn’t about “quid pro quo.” It’s about building relationships with your customers. If your social media followers see that you’re willing to engage with them just like they’re willing to do with you, they are much more likely to keep up with your content. The engagement will also keep your business at the front of their mind when it’s time to make a purchase.

Social media has become a powerful marketing and branding tool, especially when it’s used wisely. There’s no telling how strong your business’ brand recognition can be once you put strategy behind your social media campaign.

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