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Valuable Career Lessons to Pass on to Your Children

Whether your were a small business owner or not, you would do what you could to help put your children on the right career path. Since you are a small business owner however, you are in unique position to give your children career advice. You know what it takes to start something from the ground up, save the money needed to get started, generate revenue, hire people, etc. As your children think about what they want to be when they grow up, don’t be afraid to share what you have learned about business along the way. There are many career lessons you can share with your children, but here a few of the key ones to put them succeed 1. Pursue their passion Encourage your children to base their career choices around things they enjoy rather than how much money they can make. If they like to write, perhaps a career in journalism is in their future. Or it they show an interest in science, that could be the beginning a path towards a medical career or working as some sort of lab technician. The important thing is let children know if they make a job choice solely on money, they probably won’t be as fulfilled with their work. 2. Get on the job training If your children share your entrepreneurial spirit, help them start their own small business to see how they like running their own operation. The business doesn’t have to be anything big: they can wash cars, mow lawns, or have a lemonade stand. The lesson here is to show them what it takes to run a business: marketing, building and maintaining a customer base and remaining committed to the work. It would be great if the business is a success, but it is more important that they see what entrepreneurship really entails. 3. Manage your time wisely Good time management isn’t just an important work skill, but a key life skill, too. Get your children to recognize the importance of time management early applying it to their schoolwork. Put an emphasis on not just turning their homework on time, but prioritizing completing it before they start watching television or playing video games. They can also get of a taste of what it’s like to manage time for long-term projects when they work on book reports or term papers. Get them an alarm clock so the responsibility is on them to get up and ready for the day on time rather than them depending on your to get them out of bed. Another good time management training tool is to have children map out their day with a daily planner. 4. Learn how to network Adults can have a tough time reaching out and talking to others about business. Show your children how to get comfortable networking at an early age. They can practice by talking to other members of your family, neighbors or friends about what they like about their job or what were some of the most valuable things they learned in school. The sooner they can learn how to break the ice and ask people questions about themselves, the easier time they will have at networking events as adults. 5. Stay on top on their finances Although a child should not base their career aspirations solely on salary, they do need to earn a living. Financial responsibility is one the most important lessons they will learn in life and the sooner they can do so the better. Show them how a budget works or set them up with a long-term goal they need to save up for like an expensive toy they’ve been eyeing, a week at camp or new clothes. If children learn good money habits early on, they’ll have a head start on how to manage their paychecks, negotiate their salary and plan for retirement when they enter the workforce. You are a small business owner and the prime example for your children when it comes to how to manage a successful career. Share what worked best for you and you will increase the likelihood of your children having career success, too.

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