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How Life Changes When You Delegate

It is not unusual for owners to take on every task his or herself in the beginning stages of their small business. Usually this is because the funds aren’t there to pay other employees. If and when business picks up however, there will be excess funds to begin hiring staff to take tasks off of your plate. Once you have gotten used to doing everything yourself however, it can be tough to give up that control. Either you think you know how to do everything already and it would take too long to teach someone else, or there’s a fear that something won’t be done correctly if you let someone else do it. Whatever is causing your hesitation to delegate; it’s in your, and your small business’ best interest, to get over it. Delegating will not only give you more time to focus on “big picture” stuff, but it’ll be better for your mental health and overall office morale. Here’s a deeper look at the positive impact delegation can have your life—both professionally and personally. You can focus on the things you’re good at. There are only so many hours in a day, and there’s even less in your workday. Rather than spend some of those precious hours teaching yourself a skill you are unfamiliar with or working on less pressing tasks, bring someone on board who already has the expertise to handle it. The hours you’ll get back after delegating those responsibilities elsewhere will can go towards tasks you excel at, whether it’s marketing, getting new clients or creative work. You’ll have more time to run your business. If you do not delegate some of your work, you will end up spending more time “working” than actually doing things to help your business excel and grow. Once you are able to delegate things like customer service, reception and bookkeeping you will be able to step back and look at all aspects of your business and see what’s going well and where things can improve. Spending more time on organizing, planning and developing your employees will pay dividends when it comes to your company’s future success. You’ll create a more positive vibe in the office. Delegation isn’t just meant to make things better for you, but for your employees as well. When you ask them to take on tasks, they’ll take that as a sign that you trust them, which can be a big boost for morale. They know that their boss believes in their capabilities and they will most likely put in even more effort to prove your trust was warranted. Plus, when employees know their boss trusts their judgment and ability, they will be more likely to take the initiative to propose ideas to help improve the business. You’ll have more energy.

Spreading the work around isn’t just about making your business better; it’s about your health, too! If you try to shoulder the entire workload yourself, it’s only a matter of time before you burn yourself out. Not delegating means you’ll be at the office longer, you’ll get less sleep because you feel like you have to get back to the office as soon as possible to finish the work you left behind. When you’re tired, the chances of making crucial mistakes increases, which isn’t good for anyone—you, your employees and especially your customers. Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help. You are running your own business; that means no one can doubt your work ethic. Sometimes the difference between a successful small business and one that doesn’t make it is the owner knew what tasks to handle themselves, and which ones to delegate to their team. Keep your business, and personal life, running smoothly by remembering you don’t have to shoulder the burden on your own.

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