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How Life Changes When You Delegate

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Whether your were a small business owner or not, you would do what you could to help put your children on the right career path. Since you are a small business owner however, you are in unique position to give your children career advice.
You know what it takes to st...

In a perfect world, everything would go swimmingly with your staff at all times and the office would be free of conflict. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect and the same probably goes for your work environment. Every so often you will have to sit an employee down...

It can be easy to get so bogged down in work that you can forget to come up for air--especially if your work involves running a small business. If you’re not working on something, there is a meeting to attend or there’s a proverbial fire to extinguish. The work cycle c...

When you are running your own business, the only commodity more valuable than money is time. In fact, time might be even more valuable as you can make more money, but once time is gone it’s gone.
Since you cannot add more hours to your day, you have to stretch out th...

So you’ve made the decision to use social media as part of your business’ marketing campaign. That’s great! Social media is a fast, efficient way to reach out to your followers, customers and prospects all at once.

It’s one thing to use social media for marketing, but i...

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