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How Life Changes When You Delegate

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At last, the daily pressures have eased up, and you have some precious time to yourself. But now the question is, “what should you do with this down time?” No matter how hard you work, to really succeed, you need to take time off.

Resting and recharging your brain is es...

Spring is in the air. That means nicer weather, baseball, barbecues and of course—tax season.

It’s a tense time of year for individual employees, for sure, but chances are they may only have a form or two to worry about. As a business owner you have a lot more balls in...

When you’re in a position of power at work, whether it’s running your own shop or you are in a managerial role at a company, one of the toughest tasks you’ll face is a hiring employee. You have to consider numerous factors like can they do they job, will they fit in wi...

You’ve all been working hard, and it’s definitely “party time.” But even the simplest get-together requires some planning and preparation. You don’t want your guests to spend the night planning their escape, right? So, that means taking care of the menu, whether tasty...

When it comes to promoting your business, it’s crucial to take advantage of every marketing platform available to you. That’s because you don’t know where your target audience’s eyes and attention spend most of their time.

While some people watch TV, open their emails a...

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